Shipping times and order fulfillment procedure


Once the order has been received, INSICILIAFOOD through its micro logistics warehouse will take care of the preparation of the package in the shortest possible time.

The preparation will take place using high quality packaging in double wave cardboard with shredded cardboard filling, produced in Italy, using effective and eco-sustainable materials.

In the presence of the goods in stock INSICILIAFOOD will ship the working day following receipt of the order (for orders received before 13:00) diversamente, the shipment will take place the next day.

Once the package is ready, the courier will take care of the shipment to the address indicated by the customer.


Shipments will be made every day of the week, with the exception of Saturdays and holidays.

The day of delivery will depend on the destination and the goods ordered, but a tracking code of the shipment will be communicated by email directly from the carrier that is in charge of the package. 

Shipments to Italy will be delivered within 2-4 working days:


-       within 2 working days for the Southern Regions and Sicily;

-       within 3 working days for the Central Regions and the Northern Regions  ;

-       within 4 working days for Sardinia and remote locations (or disadvantaged areas). 

Shipments to Europe will normally be delivered within 7 working days.

Shipping costs:




Delivery by courier in Italy, up to 20 kg. has a cost of € 9.60 (plus VAT). There are no standard shipments weighing more than 20 kg. However, if this is necessary, the goods will be divided into two or more shipments weighing no more than 20 kg, at the cost mentioned above for each individual shipment.




In a scenario in which transport prices have skyrocketed, and are constantly changing, it is not possible to identify certain costs for shipments outside Italy. Therefore, upon receipt of the order (in this case considered provisional) you must necessarily opt for the payment formula "Bank transfer" which will be executed only after receiving, and possibly accepted, the shipping cost that will be communicated by email.


Attention: All shipments to NON-EU subjects (Switzerland and United Kingdom) will be invoiced with VAT exemption, as required by current legislation. However, at Customs, before the goods arrive at the recipient, the individual non-European countries could ask the Recipient to pay the VAT not paid in Italy and any customs duties on imports established specifically by each individual State for the different types of products entering their territory. In this case, these additional expenses will be borne by the Customer,


Shipping Warranty:

Our first goal is to taste Sicilian products of excellence, healthy and good, to do this we are committed to getting our products to your home in excellent condition.

Our priority is to safeguard the product by ensuring its perfect preservation throughout the duration of the trip.  We pack our products artfully using materials designed and reinforced for transport and for this reason we have chosen the best materials on the market. The goods travel at our risk, in case of damage we ask you to accept packages with reserve.


The transport of our deliveries is generally entrusted to SDA, GLS, UPS, Bartolini except for special needs (special locations or special deliveries) in which case we use other Express Couriers, however known and reliable nationally and internationally. For shipments to Europe we usually use DHL or the UPS Express Courier .

In the event that the customer does not report the correct address or is absent after 2 steps of the courier, a variable storage cost will be charged depending on the courier. In general we try to provide a free storage and return release service for the customer, but please give us a hand.

Customer service:

For any questions or clarifications, the Customer can contact our Customer Service by phone or email (+39 389 063 23 83 – info