It sometimes happens to have to manage emergencies at home, such as having guests at dinner not expected, or wanting to celebrate an anniversary, rather than organizing a catering for an event.

If you do not have time to cook and if you want to save money while maintainingor high quality, you can resort to us.

Every morning, by 10 am, a menu of Sicilian gastronomy will be published (Appetizers, First courses, second courses, Side dishes, Fruit / Dessert, personalized birthday cakes), available online, from which you can also make a reservation for the same day (at least six hours before the event).

If you wish, each dish can also have its wine or its drink, (always and only Sicilians) including dessert, and for a "carefree" service also any useful accessoryand the preparation of the table in celebration, centerpieces, tablecloth, napkins, cutlery, plates glasses and any accessories for the party or anniversary (balloons aerostatic, small pyrotechnic games etc.).

What yesterday might have seemed like an unbearable burden, today is an irreplaceable opportunity for you!

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