Unfortunately, we are not given to know what the different course of life might have been if this "sin" had never been consumed.
However, we cannot help but admit that it is not easy to resist the temptations that SICILY offers, with particular reference to food and wine, both for the extreme quality of the raw materials donated by the land and the sea and for the imagination and uniqueness of the preparations where each recipe has its own very ancient history.

INSICILIAFOOD is certainly a gallery of temptations through which to enjoy, directly at home, the best Sicilian excellences, researched through a deep knowledge of the territory and niche producers.
All the Companies and producers who respect the CODE OF ETHICS we have given ourselves are admitted to the catalog, so no unpleasant surprises upon receipt of the order!

But INSICILIAFOOD is not only this: it stands out from the rest of e-commerce because it has been built as an emotional journey in which sensory events but also cultural and solidarity events find their place.

Through the "BLOG," we will guide you to a very in-depth knowledge of the history and values of Sicily, through which you will also understand the origin of recipes, myths and legends.

Through the column "PERSONAL SHOPPER" the offer of a real guide, necessary for the creation of SICILY-themed events, through which to find the best ideas and food/wine pairings, always and strictly from this wonderful land.

On "EASY RECIPES" the home preparation kits of the main Sicilian recipes, accompanied by the wines, in strict combination with the dishes, and specific tutorials that will make their perfect realization very intuitive and immediate.

On "RICORDI DI SICILIA" you will find from fine themed furniture items, including very fine sets of dishes, to small souvenirs, books and specific guides.

On the "FRESH IN THE CITY" column, currently only for Palermo residents, you will be able to do your daily shopping for freshly picked produce from the producer, as well as fresh local meats, fish and cheeses.

On the "KITCHEN ACCESSORIES" column what is necessary to simplify the preparation of some typical recipes.

Last but not least, the "SOLIDARITY" column to which we first placed and always place special attention and regard: a support to research and to those who are improperly called "last," but also to mother earth, with an initiative of considerable relevance.

We take the liberty, despite the seriousness of the matters at hand, to do a little self-criticism by thinking that if we are here in search of gastronomic refinements, being able to afford to choose the best of kitchen ingredients and fine wines, we could also share our joy with the less fortunate by making a small donation.