As required by our code of ethics , we have updated the previous version of the site both under the graphics and that of the contents, giving life to a showcase of many new products of the highest quality and proven Sicilian origin.

Many opportunities for choice, therefore, even of products of the highest specialization, such as the freeze-dried whole caper (approved by NASA as food for astronauts in space) rather than all the wines and oils that have had a particular recognition this year.

We are inserting the SLOW FOOD presidia, notoriously high quality products, the wines of the 19 DOC SICILIA, those of the 7 Sicilian IGT, most of the DOP or IGP brand products (cold cuts, cheeses, oils, pistachios, capers) Sicilian, without obviously neglecting the niche productions of products of the highest quality and refined taste.

Our Mission puts our business in line with the quote from SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL:

"Improving means changing, being perfect means changing often."

It would be easy to build a site of typical Sicilian products, which reflect the tradition and flavors of Sicily, it would be enough to limit oneself to including the historical companies, those that have contributed to the transfer over the years of traditions. However, the continuous change is necessary to give space to micro-productions and to those niche companies that do not have a name and a showcase and that we must make the most of.